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If you are on the board of your homeowner association (HOA), we have a lot in common. The HOA Leadership Network was founded in 2018 by Lakeville resident Lynn Boergerhoff, who was an active HOA leader at the time, as a way to connect and support HOA board leaders through education, collaboration, and research. In 2023, Lakeville resident Mark Luis Foster, also an active HOA leader, joined the team as a business partner to help govern this rapidly growing organization.

As HOA leaders, what we do is important. We govern our HOAs, administer our HOAs finances, and build a tight community comprised of HOA homeowners. While our HOAs may be different, we have much in common, which means we can learn a lot from each other’s experiences.

We encourage you to attend our monthly meetings to meet other HOA board leaders and learn from local experts. Please subscribe (it’s free!) to receive our weekly newsletter, filled with information about HOA issues, and content about our upcoming events.

Benefits for HOA Board Leaders:

  • Educational content presented at monthly meetings
  • Networking with other board leaders
  • Access to specialized educational resources, including podcasts, training material and more
  • Weekly updates via email on common or complex HOA issues and topics
  • Invitations to special events
  • Opportunity to share experiences with other leaders and brainstorm solutions to complex issues like infrastructure, maintenance and environmental issues


President MPH, CCA

Lynn Boergerhoff

Lynn is an experienced board leader and a Certified Community Association Manager (CCAM) with more than 10 years of experience as a board president for two community homeowner associations. In January 2018, Lynn founded the T&C Leadership Group to help other board leaders meet, learn about other HOAs, and solve problems. The group held well – attended monthly meetings and provided information and education resources on its website. In November 2020, the group formed as the HOA Leadership Network with a mission to connect and support board leaders of community homeowner associations through information, education, and collaboration. Lynn plays banjo, dances with his wife, Elaine, and enjoys serving as president of the HOA Leadership Network.

Vice President | Business Partner

Mark Luis Foster

Mark is in partnership with Lynn in running and managing the growing HOA Leadership Network. Mark has a strong background in marketing, advertising and communications, and has operated his own business consultancy practice called Foster Avenue LLC since 2013. He has run marketing departments at major Fortune 500 companies, including Wells Fargo, TCF Financial (now Huntington Bank), and Transamerica. In 2020 he purchased and subsequently sold an advertising agency in downtown Minneapolis. Mark has served on several HOA boards over the years and is currently Vice President of an HOA board in Lakeville, MN. He is passionate about improving the lives and property values of his HOA constituents. He looks forward to helping Lynn grow the HOA Leadership Network in the coming months and years.

First Lady

Elaine Boergerhoff

Elaine, Lynn’s wife, is the welcoming greeter at our monthly educational meetings. Elaine helps to assure a beneficial and welcoming experience for HOA Leadership Network members and sponsors. Elaine’s enjoyed working in sales and tourism with the Bloomington Convention and Visitors Bureau and as an event coordinator with the Bloomington Chamber of Commerce.

Strategic Advisors

Sean Nelson


Kate Grutzmacher

Cities Management

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

our chapters

We have four chapter locations that serve the Minneapolis – St. Paul metropolitan area. Join our monthly meetings!

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

what people are saying

The success of the HOA Leadership Network comes from the loyalty and respect of our members

The success of the HOA Leadership Network comes from the loyalty and respect of our members.The meetings are a wealth of valuable information that have helped our board tremendously.

William T.–HOA Board Leader

Every single meeting I learn something new. The Network is an invaluable service to board leaders across the metro.

Sandy L. – HOA Board Leader