Eagan Chapter July Meeting

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Insurance Advocacy Update

We’ll fill you in on the very latest efforts of the HOA Leadership Network and our working group on insurance reform.

Take the HOA WaterWise Challenge

Valerie Neppl, Groundwater Protection Supervisor from Dakota County Environmental Resources, provides valuable information regarding water usage and how HOAs can better manage our most precious resource. She will invite all HOAs to take the “WaterWise” challenge.

Multifamily Recycling In Dakota County

Elizabeth Logas, Environmental Specialist from Dakota County Environmental Resources, discusses recycling programs that can benefit multifamily properties including HOAs in Dakota County.

Exterior Painting for HOAs

Want to know the best way to plan for and manage exterior painting on your HOA property? Join us for this informative and educational session with John Bristol from FCP Services.

Open Forum

Have a topic you want to discuss? Are you having issues in your HOA that you feel other leaders might be able to address? Join in on our dynamic and highly informational Open Forum!


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